Very Special NZ Calenders for sale


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Dunedin, New Zealand
Hi all,

The Portobello Marine Lab celebrates its cententary in Jan 2004 (makes us the oldest marine lab in Australasia!!) and we're selling calenders. Has photo's of the lab and environs and August has a great pic of Pinnoctopus cordiformis (that was Harry, I think!).

These calenders are available from the lab contact the lab manager [email protected]

or check out the website for more info
the calenders are $NZ 9.95 + p&p


Wow. My vague desire to just be elsewhere has become a visceral longing to be there. I think I'll order my calendar right now.
corw314 said:
Hi Jean

For whatever reason, I could not access the website :frown: so I emailed the person you mentioned!


Hi Carol,

Sorry about that, but for some unknown reason the main server went down last week (I was right in the middle of emailing a draft thesis chapter to my supervisor :x :x:x:x:x) but Bev'll look after you!!


Hi Tony, you're welcome......harry was one of our characters! He was named for i'm sure you can all guess his most endearing (!?) character flaw!!! his record was to escape 5 times in the space of a hour and a half (he weighed in at around 18kg) ...not fun.... he also squirted the (then) new senior aquarist with a mixture of water and ink....right onto a brand new white T shirt....did you know that octi ink is pretty indelible!! Well we did warn her not to stand in front of him :lol:

we released him after the 5 escapes episode!!!!!


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