Very brief question...

Jan 6, 2003
Very brief...I finally found a fishery that I never knew about thats about 15 minutes away from me near the shore. It's called the Point Pleasant Beach Seafood Co-Op on Channel Drive and they sell live Vulgaris octopuses yearly...mostly in the summer.

I called them up and they usually sell 1.5 pound octo's. Approx. how big would this be? I forgot size/weight equivalence measurements for Vulgaris. It seems like it would measure about 12" arm length right?

Incase anyone here lives in New jersey and is interested in going there or contacting...there number is 732-899-2211. There friendly.
Armstrong, I think you should post this information under Octopus Availability (Octo Care), too - it might be useful to someone.

I don't know the weight of a full grown vulgaris, but considering that my bimac (who was a large bimac) weighed in at over 3 lbs, maybe a 12inch armspan is a good guess.

Good lead, Armstrong.

I don't know about estimating arm span, but if they're about as dense as water that's about a pint and a half of octopus :smile:


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