update on hex...

Feb 24, 2005
well ive been really buisy graduating from college and dealing with christmas stuff over the last weeks and now for a good ol' update...

first off for one of my graduation presents i got 3 out of a 6 or 7 book series by jauques cousteau. one of which everyone here will be extreamly interested in. "OCTOPUS AND SQUID" the book covers all of his studies and adventures with all cephalopods... awsome book ill be posting pictures of some of it soon.

second in response to the recent suicidal octopus thread ive got some intersting info for it. before i went out of town hex and i had a pretty standard relationship, i open the freezer he gets excited and comes out to see me for food... that was about it. other than that he just cruised the tank all day watching everyone go about their buisiness. when you approached the tank he would just ignore you. well i believe that octopus also miss their owners or become attached to them however you want to think of it. i came home today after being gone for 4 days(longest ive been away from him) and there he was in his usual manner but this time when i opened the lid he went nuts and came out the tank after me. i gently pushed him back in then he proceeded to dance on the rim of the tank begging for me to "pet" him. i put on my neoprene feeding glove and reach in and for the first time he willingly lunged into my hand and wrapped tightly working his way up my wrist. then he relaxed and sat there for a few minutes with his meal in one arm. wasnt eating just sitting holding on to me. finally i set him back on the side glass and start to walk away only to have him squirt water on the floor. for the next 20 minutes i had to sit there and pet his tenticles and between his eyes before he calmed down and returned to his shell to eat his dinner. if this is true that they do indeed grow attachments to certain people then it is very likely that they could feel depression leading to suicide etc. i know my last bimac would clog the returns intentionally when i went out of town for long periods of time to make his water bad so i would return quickly to fix it (i think he figured out that i was the one that did all the water changes). this makes 2 octopus ive owned out of 3 long lived ones that have shown affection of some sorts towards me.

anyway im working on converting some great pictures from nef files of hex to post so ill get them up with the book pictures

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