Truffles and Ochi are siblings!!!

Jan 31, 2003
I got word from Jim at Octopets that both of our octopuses are from the same batch. He said they were hatched at the end of october, so they're almost 4 months old. If they're that small at 4 months, I've got to wonder if Roxy was closer to 5-6 months when I got her.
Hey, that's great news! Some of the others may be, too, because Jim told me he begins selling them at 2 1/2 months.

So we need to have a second group of Bimac Siblings.

Don't forget to tell us LOTs about what they are doing!

That is great news!! I am really happy to hear that happened!!!

Like Nancy said I wonder how many more may be out there??? :wink:

We definately have to watch the progress of these guys. How cool is this, I know you had it happen last time, but man you are like batting a thousand!! :P
WOW that is cool 8) Nancy, are you thinking of getting a new octo, maybe????????? This will be neat watching them grow up together 8) 8) 8) 8)
I'd love to get one of the bimac siblings, and I'm fixing up my tank right now, but I'm going to have to wait a little while, maybe late spring or early summer before I can have another bimac.

I'll coordinate the bimac siblings group, though, and I hope many more join. Since all the little captive-bred bimacs come from the same place, they're all related in a sense.

How cool is that! We have siblings!!!!!!! How is truffles coming along? Neptune has been filling me in here and there but now that you have had him/her for a few days, are you noticing a change in behavior?

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