Trivia request

Hi Winterwolf, welcome to!

Hmm... I don't believe there is a special name given for female octopuses... I think such naming techniques are relegated to mammals (eg, doe, a deer, a female deer...)... can anyone think of a non-mammal species where females and males are given different names?

Hmmm... I guess a widow spider, ay? There goes my theory. :roll:
Most birds have different names for each sex ie:rooster/hen, jerkin/falcon, etc. but as far as I know, there aren't any applied to cephs...although we could certainly invent some...TONMO could be famous (er) ! :idea:
I shall have to put on my thinking cap!
hehehe this could be fun :smile:

Tony, a male black widow is also called a black widow.... so that's your theory back again 8)

Okay, heres my first attempts....


Em..... yeah those are nearly all birds or mammals? never thought about it before.... but i did get Queen as in ants or bees!!! :mrgreen:

I THINK that lobsters are cocks and hens?

anyone else???
Honestly! Lets not name anything after a bad James Bond film with blue ring octos that attach to peoples faces!

I think we need to first decide what seperates a fem octo from a male octo, besides sexual organs, and go from there...hen is the fem. of hanna,or hahn (male), etc... most animal distinctions due to sex are based on germanic language (they are particular, aren't they?)...whereas most other languages have single terms for both sexes of animals. HMMM.
Rosemary means "dew of the sea" (fem) but may be too long...but I like the flower connotation (octos are like pretty flowers,yes?) We could go spanish and say "rosita"!
More pondering required.

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