Trip to the Natural History Museum, London

Jul 24, 2003
Yeh its just across Westminster Bridge from the Houses of Parliment in a building called County Hall, theres a GPO there aswell but I havnt had chance to go yet, although my friends photos look brilliant!!! Would post some pic's but dont think my mates would appreciate bein all over the internet!! :shock: :lol:

Also if you get chance to go then I recommend you pop up into the Marriot hotel in County Hall (above) an have a glass of :wine: with the best sticky toffee puddin in London :thumbsup: :thumbsup: expensive but worth it for the view from the library over the river :smoke:

oh an theres a gimmiky thing in reception of the aquarium thats a Ford KA turned into a tank full of fan tail goldfish thingys :shock:

There you go theres somthin for your next trip!!!! :smile:


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
Nice pictures, Scouse. Thanks for posting them.

The London Aquarium is a nice day out, I feel a little bad not mentioning it to you, Melissa. I'd forgot, believe it or not, so I apologise! At least the Aquarium is not going anywhere so I'm sure you can go next time.

There is a wonderful cylindrical tank that one can walk around containing rays, sharks and many forms of fish that is quite hypnotic to watch. Seeing a huge ray glide past inches from ones head is an interesting experience. There are tanks full of piranhas and all sorts of Amazonian fish, and even a tank full of jellyfish propelled around in a loop. It's well worth a visit if anyone ventures over to London one of these days. One even gets to stroke a ray in a hands-on-pool!

I did not see a GPO on my last visit a year ago, though there were a few cuttles, and I'm sure there used to be midskippers too. I suppose the animals on display are changed around occasionally.
Apr 3, 2003
Phil, don't apologize, I hardly had a minute free. Next time, the aquarium will be my first stop.

As you describe it, the aquarium sounds a great deal like the New England Aquarium in Boston. I especially like the petting pool of rays - they are surprisingly soft and seem to like the attention, like puppies.



May 15, 2003
I've touched debarbed blue-spotted stingrays here, they're skin is really smooth and jelly-like. There was a puffer in the touch pool too but that didn't end too well :roll: