Tralfaz outwits his pet, Uh, I mean owner


Nov 24, 2002
Hey all:

I wondered what would happen if I gave Tralfaz a bio-ball. I wanted to see if he would grab it and what he would do when it started to float to the top of the tank. I thought that it would be funny to see if he chased it and tried to bring it back down.

Well, as you can see from the following pics he outsmarted me. :bonk:

In T-ball5.jpg you can see that I've submerged the bioball with a feeding stick and Tralfaz is giving it the eye. (notice his typical "orange brow" hunting coloration.)

In T-ball4.jpg Tralfaz made his move and "hunted down" the bio-ball. (I thought to myself, "now the fun part will start when it starts to float away"

In T-ball3.jpg, Tralfaz begings to pull the bio-ball into one of his lairs. (He he he, wait until it gets away from him! :lol: )

to be continued. . . george

When we last left our intrepid cephalopod adventurer he was struggling with the evil bio-ball.

Well imagine my suprise, when Tralfaz saw that the bio-ball was trying to float away he was able to jam it under an overhang. . . and there it stays.

Well, so much for me playing a trick on him. :oops: Of course, I've thrown another bio-ball in the tank to float at the top. We will see if Tralfaz goes up to get it or not.

This little guy constantly amazes me. . . To be continued ????

Hi George!

Excellent pictures! I noticed your tank has alot of orange/brown colors! Maybe his coloration is due to the colors in your tank! I know Ink has alot of green colorations! When I look at the shots everyones taken of their octos, it truly is amazing how they blend according to what their near. I have not seen the orange/brown in Ink but shades of green!!!

Carol :smile:
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