Tralfaz finally catches something (besides a cold)


Nov 24, 2002
Well He finally did it. Tralfaz is able to catch crayfish. He seems to love them. I've also noticed that he is trying new ways of hunting the shrimp. Today I saw him using the "parachute" method. He climbs up the glass moves over top of a shrimp and then trys to envelop them in his mantle when he floats down. Nearly got one today :notworth:

Oh, he also flashed a weird color pattern when he caught the crayfish. Kind of yellow/orange at the edges. Looked cool. Has anyone seen this coloration on any of his siblings. (see below picture - sorry not so clear but the airstone was running) I also attached a pic of him sitting in "his spot" happily munching away on the crayfish.

I think that the shrimp's days may be numbered. :twisted:

Hi George,

Congratulations to Tralfaz! :biggrin2: - all of our little bimacs have had to learn these skills. I wonder whether Tralfaz will take up hunting shrimp at night like Ollie did for a while. Ollie was much more successful sneaking up on them at night than he was at catching them during the day.

I haven't seen any specific color pattern when Ollie has caught something, but it's usually dramatic color, not drab. I'll watch more closely the next time.

Nice pics! Roxy ocasionally gets those orange spots and orange tentacles, but not the orange "eyebrows". I don't think she does it at any specific time, like when hunting. Roxy ate a bunch of shrimp in the beggining but has allowed the last 4 to live for the past couple weeks. Although she constantly tortures them like a dog after a cat. :twisted:

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