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Re: The Were-Squid

Clem said:

Mr. Tony Millionaire, artist and creator of "Maakies," has authored a thrilling tale about a shy teuthid with a strange affinity for the moon...



@#$%#@%# cartoonist blew my cover! (And stole my line!) Mr. Millionaire had better watch his back from now on or he will end up really looking like a million bucks -- flat, green, and inanimate. I've got my :cyclops: on him.... MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Dangerous Danae, the Dreadful and Uncannae
Original Were-Squid of TONMO
(accept no substitutes!)

PS: Fantastic sig, Clem -- wish I'd thought of that! :smile:

I was pretty sure that post would get your attention.

Tony Millionaire was gracious enough to do a drawing for me during a recent book-signing (I didn't even ask him to; he draws as he breathes). He was also quite frank in explaining elements of his work that he'd cribbed from other sources: Melville, Patrick O'Brian and Gustave Dore, to name a few.

Perhaps he'd heard of your alter-ego?

Thanks for the complimentary words about my signature. I considered substituting "Kaikoura Canyon" for "Valley of the Shadow," but it didn't sound right.

I'll go warn Tony. :shock:

RE: my avatar, I can only say that it is Norse, and it is a "serpent." Any more information right now will spoil the surprise (it's part of some visual research I'm conducting). :read:
Clem, please post info on this Norse brooch here, or contact me privately if you are worried that it does not involve cephalopods and don't wish to mention it. I used to study Roman and Saxon archaeology in Britain and would love to know details.

Tani, I'm sorry to hear you aren't familiar with Millionaire's work. I could lend you my books from him. Some of it could even be reviewed for TONMO. Clem, was the signing you mention in LA? NYC is somehow less exciting without him. :cry: Of course, I only like the strips with the squids and octos.


Yes, the signing was in Los Angeles, which will be my home no longer, come next week. Suffice it to say that the bright, arid environment suits me about as well as it would an ocean-going cephalopod.

If Millionaire doesn't already know about it, perhaps someone should fire off an introduction to Tonmo for him?

Drinky Clem

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