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Nov 20, 2002
Found this when I was snooping around Jimbo Louis Labs Website!! (Interesting website Jimbo!!!!)

The Octopus Show PBS Nature

Airing January 19th on Nature at 8PM EST!

Hope everyones enjoying the holiday!!!

sometimes it sucks to be anti-television (we don't have cable at my house, on purpose, as my roommate and I are both easily distracted and don't need any further drags on productivity) as stuff like this comes on! Has anybody seen this yet? I've thought about buying the videotape from PBS but it's a bit pricey and I wanted to see what people thought first

Well, being the only show I've seen devoted entirely to's excellent. And just as a animal show, it's still excellent. So...don't kill me if you don't like it, but I think it's worth the money and am debating getting a proper copy myself.

hehe, I promise not to kill you. It's just hard to plunk down that much for VHS when I'm trying to phase them out and most movies on VHS I see for under $10 at the store nowadays. that being said, maybe I will just have to go over to a friends' house with cable to see it when it airs!!
No DVD? That's annoying. Of course, PBS charges a premium to support themselves and the producers of the show.

Now, I've found that some things, like The Civil War series, show up in stores like Best Buy at a price that is comprable to other shows, much lower than the original prices.

You might check with a major aquarium...I think the Shedd in Chicago had that in their gift shop for less than the PBS price...maybe...

Nancy said:
Sad to say, Nature substituted a program about puppies and dogs for the octopuses! Hope the rest of you got to see it!


That's odd -- here on the US Atlantic seaboard they showed it at 8 pm as advertised. Not only was it impressive as a ceph documentary, it was also aesthetically beautiful, with supremely artistic photography and a very appropriate soundtrack (sort of a cross between Indian Sitar and Moroccan "Gnawa" music). Shari Belafonte's narration was fine and Mike de Gruy was in his usual charming form.

My only regret was that it wasn't twice as long. If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss it when they re-run it (which hopefully will be soon).

'The Octopus Show' is the one most commonly shown on TV here in the UK... must have seen it several times by now!

BUT if you want to buy it..... I bought it on VHS by accident! While scanning through the online National geographic library i spotted a video called 'Octopus' and bought it online and it is 'The Octopus Show' under a different name.... wouldn't have bought it if i knew that at the time as its on pretty much every month or so...

Best ceph video i have seen is the BBC one which is called 'Aliens from Inner Space' it has the added bonus of 'Fastest Claw in the West' on it too... A docu about mantis shrimp...
All I can say is WOW!!!!!

The man that narrated, you could see how into these incredible animals he is!!! I never knew there was one called wonderpuss!!!! What an incredible looking animal! The tank set up they had was amazing!! Now one of those tanks would be my ideal setup for Hermin!!! Of course with lots of live rock! Was one of the featured octopi a bimac? Thought I saw one with the spots.

I taped it and my 5 year old daughtor is watching right now! She wanted to know why 3 hearts!!!! Maybe I have a budding scientist here!!!!!! :mrgreen:

The Octopus Show on PBS

Here in Honolulu it aired on the day and time it was promised. I don't have cable either, but PBS comes in pretty well in spite of the mountains and buildings. It certainly was beautiful but I was disappointed that it didn't show more different species, like the Vampire or the Blue-Ringed Octopus. And I am curious about the three hearts, too. I looked up some anatomy and found a systemic heart and a branchial heart, but not the third. Obviously this is going to take some more study.

Susan, 2 gills, so two branchial hearts (= the missing third heart).
The hearts of The Octopus Show

Thank you Steve. :smile: I don't know a lot about these guys, but I have always admired them for their behavior and aesthetic appeal. Now I'm curious about their anatomy and physiology. This site is great. Every answer spawns two questions. susanbrant

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