The NY Times is saying that two Japanese Scientists have caught a giant squid on film

Fantastic. Does anyone know where we can find video or photos?
I found this on Yahoo News, from Reuters. I hope it's OK to repost it here...
wow thats really cool.

i've actually been a lurker here ever since the colossal squid pictures came up, and i love this website.

so i was wondering.

Steve, what have you heard about all of this?
Parandroidx, welcome!! Seems you've been here for quite a while, but glad you have de-lurked! :smile:

Re: copyright, I've removed the article from being reprinted here; links are OK but recreating article content would be a violation. Re: the pictures, I think we're OK there -- it seems to be common form on message communities to share photos. In any event, per our Terms of Service, each of you are responsible for what you post. :wink2:
MSNBC is carrying this news on their site.

The second item in MSNBC's Related Stories box reads: "Report: Jennifer Jason Leigh marries."

I am not making this up.

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