the new octo, Schlemm

Nov 1, 2006
so i got the new octo from the store on tuesday and he's doing quite well. I acclimated him while my mom, teacher, and 3 kids were around and my teacher was doing a crossword puzzle with a student on eye anatomy. suddenly she exclaimed "oh! its schlemm!!" and we all stopped and looked at her and then burst out laughing, so we had to name the octo schlemm in honor of the moment.

Schlemm is awesome, the new center of attention in class. he spends most of his time watching the class, his little eye stalks peering out from his hole. on wednesday we had state-wide testing so those not testing could come in late and be excused so of course i went and bought some food for schlemm. i put a snail down next to his hole and he calmly reached out and curled an arm around the snail and dragged it into the hole. it was the coolest thing! it made my week, i think.

he blends in really well too, so half the time no one can find him! on friday i couldnt find himn and then my teacher just said "hes on the right" in such a nonchalant manner. i think he may be a bimac but im not sure. he is pale greenishblue when not blending in with the rocks and his eyes are raised on short stalks. he doesnt have as many suckers on his arms as othello's but they are more varied in size. i'll try to get a good pic tmw.

also, sometimes he will bob his head/eyes at me, in a manner very similar to the anoles outside, but only once or twice at a time. is this normal? what could it mean?
Hello Norgebyblood,

I'm not a ceph keeper, but that sounds like normal behavior. Also, I love the fact that it's name is Schlemm.

Welcome to Schlemm!

No, he's not a bimac! i need cuttle also has a small bluish-green octopus which he's keeping at his high school. So please get some good pics and we'll have a look at him.

i will as soon as i get home, the school comps wont take my cams memory card. anyone have ideas on entertaining Schlemm? i'd like to make him a tube mazee bt im unsure of what material to use. i dont want hamster tubes b/c i want to show his abilities as an invertebrate. any other ideas? has anyone shown their octo a mirror before???
Schlemm ID?

ok so i found a picture contributed by Rudiger of his octo that looks EXACTLY like Schlemm, but it doesnt say what kind his is. Anyone know?

heres the pic:
Schlemm discovered legos

so I made Schlemm a duplo lego castle last week and he went crazy over it!!!!! he was flashing different colors like a nutcase and climbing all over it and in it. he went down into the bottom and disappeared, only his arms appearing through every available crack. then he popped up to check that it was there. he still loves his rock more though.

a few more new things he does are reaching his arm out to me and throwing his food remains at me when i put my hand in his tank after he eats. the arm thing is cool, he will reach one out and touch it to my finger through the glass! and the food throwing is quite accurate, makes cleaning easier too :wink: :lol: hes quite a fun little dude.

i went on a field trip to the FL aquarium last week with my teacher and it was great, saw a lovely Giant Pacific octo just chillin on the glass. the bad part was when i came back to discover that the jerks in her classes had been messing with the shrimp and trying to feed schlemm and the damn (pardon my french) sub did NOTHING! arghhhhhhhhhhh. im so glad school is over in 2 wks and he will be away from those immature brats. the one really annoying kid (thinks im his best friend but he drives me nuts, u know the kind) kept bugging me saying he was gonna get an octopus when the closest thing he's had is a friggen goldfish! can u tell i cant wait to graduate??

oh, i got pictures too!!! and his blue ring on the eyespot is really showing up now!


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