The Most Exciting Crypto News This Summer!

Bald Evil

Apr 3, 2003
For me, at least. Not ceph-related, but fascinating nevertheless.

Scientists from the Fauna Communications Research Institute were on Lake Champlain this summer, assisting the Discovery Channel by doing underwater audio research for a special on the purported "monster" of Lake Champlain, dubbed "Champ". On three separate occasions, the researchers detected and recorded what they are certain is echolocating sonar from an unknown aquatic animal (or animals). The link is here: - This website is for sale! - animalvoice Resources and Information.

As a long-time Loch Ness Monster devotee and cryptozoology fan, this is absolutely riveting news to me. Something is there! Maybe they're freshwater dolphins, maybe they're descendants of zeuglodons, maybe they're something entirely unknown to science. Echolocating reptiles? Who knows? But I want to know! :bugout:
Ah yes, the elusive Basilisaurus!
Much more likely than an aquatic archosaur, if you ask me...fascinating stuff!
Bald Evil,

Provocative results, indeed. Have Belugas ever been known to come inland via rivers?

I hope the crew wasn't so riveted to their hydrophone equipment that they forgot to go on deck and look around.


"Damnit Jim, I am not a sonar operator!"

Yeah, sometimes the cryptozoologist crack me should attend one of the meetings in Tucson would have enough entertainment material for a plethora of parties!
Other crypto fans scare me. :shock: Just because I get enthused about unknown or mysterious animals doesn't mean I want to hear about Bigfoot being a stranded alien colonist, or how the Loch Ness Monster is actually a British military submarine project from World War II. :/ Sometimes a landlocked prehistoric whale is just a landlocked prehistoric whale!

I've been trying to get in contact with any of the researchers who were there to get more info from them, maybe even do an informal interview. Unfortunately, they were only equipped with audio equipment, no cameras at all. The report on their site said some of the signals were generated from within 30 feet of their boat, underwater... man, that would be a thrill. :smile:
Bald Evil said:
The report on their site said some of the signals were generated from within 30 feet of their boat, underwater... man, that would be a thrill. :smile:

Bald Evil,

Getting "pinged" by a cryptid would be a thrill. I'd be so thrilled, I'd run out on deck and LOOK AROUND, FOR THE LOVE OF--


Hehe...cryptozoologists are kind of like trekkies sometimes...a little TOO much tunnel-vision! At one meeting, a gentleman was insisting that Pteranodons still exist in Texas...he backed it up with a lot of of half-truths and hooey...of course, anything is possible, but we need to deal with realities, not possibilities.
Fun to think about look out the window of your Cessna and see a 30' reptile gliding through the air next to you!
I'm going to go read some Calvin and Hobbes...lots of dinos in that strip!
Goes to show you...some people are sooooo desperate for anything, they will believe anything!
Fortunately down here in NZ we're not totally bereft of impressive beasties (apart from Archi and Messie of course) we have rainforest Nautilus, bush Haggis, Taniwha and the Tuatara (a Real beasty) Sphenodon sp) which is a hold over from the age of dinosaurs....and apparently our bats are very special too :shock:

Added to all these riches we have the Fiordland Moose, the Moa (which some swear still lives in remote areas!) and the elusive Otter. Many of these are only seen/heard after the "researcher" concerned has spent a considerable time at the nearest "watering hole"

But seriously the Lake Champlain report is very exciting! Hope next time they take a camera!

I believed sea badgers lived in New-Zealand too, and also the land living (possibly tree climbing) sea badgers too.

Thats not a dinosaur its giant mutated marine iguana :bonk:
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