The Agent has arrived!

Jul 31, 2003
He's here! :D

Im acclimating him right now!
He never inked or anything. :)
I put a piece of PVC and ya know what he did? He went in it. :D
The DHL divivery guy wasnt even late. In fact he was early! Came here at 10:20 and was due at 10:30! It's so exciting!

:D 8)
I'm sooo excited for you!!! Nothing like a baby octo!!! (Except a baby, of course :) ) But after human babies, baby octo's rate!!!!

Where's those pics??? How is he doing???

Welcome to the Agent!!!


And yes, Inklet arrived through the same company.
Here's his first pic:

Yeah the sand did settle but when I got my brittle out (he's about 3 times larger so I was afraid the octo might get eaten :goofysca:) I had to move some rocks and that made it alittle sandy again, but not as bad as before.

Now he's pulled up a shell so I cant see him. Genius but also :(.
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