The Agent has arrived!

Jul 31, 2003
He's here! :biggrin2:

Im acclimating him right now!
He never inked or anything. :smile:
I put a piece of PVC and ya know what he did? He went in it. :biggrin2:
The DHL divivery guy wasnt even late. In fact he was early! Came here at 10:20 and was due at 10:30! It's so exciting!

:biggrin2: 8)
I'm sooo excited for you!!! Nothing like a baby octo!!! (Except a baby, of course :smile: ) But after human babies, baby octo's rate!!!!

Where's those pics??? How is he doing???

Welcome to the Agent!!!


And yes, Inklet arrived through the same company.
Glad all went well with the shipment.
Did your cloudy water ever settle down?
Welcome to your new bimac!

Here's his first pic:

Yeah the sand did settle but when I got my brittle out (he's about 3 times larger so I was afraid the octo might get eaten :goofysca:) I had to move some rocks and that made it alittle sandy again, but not as bad as before.

Now he's pulled up a shell so I cant see him. Genius but also :frown:.