Sucker Handles

Jul 24, 2003
Has anybody ever seen cabinet door handles with arms/tentacles on them?

Im under goin a major search but cant find em anywere!!!

Would you believe, i was lookin at my handles the other day an there is a bit of green corosion, which leads me to believe they are copper!!!! Wonder what kinda muppet put them on!!!!????!?!?!? :x :bugout:
There was a business named "artifacts" that had ocotpus themed hardware for cabinetry a few years ago...I really don't know if they are still in business or not...
You might want to contact a local college...quite often, the student sculpturists like to make castable/marketable things like handles, them some cash and experience...
Cheers mate,

I like that idea about a college as there are loads of arty college places rounds here, probably get more enjoyment out of makin em myself if i can afford the time!!


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