Straight outta Smallville, CA... City of Heroes!

Dec 24, 2002
Well, this has pretty much zilch to deal directly with cephs, but...

I've been playing my wife's MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) City of Heroes, and my superhero characters are named Mesonchyteuhtis and Moroteuthis (yeah, I realize the spelling is bad, but I had only limited spaces). So if you play, look for me in Paragon city on occasion, saving digital citizens from bad guys.

Also, I'm working on an essay for a class... Might want to run it here on TONMO, but its an op-ed thing, so I'll have to ask Tony.

And no, I haven't forgotten the research project... I just need access to a histology lab.

Sushi and Super-Sake, citizens!

thanks alot, had to mention now I'm starving. lol :wink:
BTW, I used to live in Japan and I miss it alot. The game sounds fun. :smile:

atticus finch

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