Nov 8, 2003
It's like they know meeeee....

As Tonmo's resident Stikfas enthusiast, I think that I should be the one to report on this minor bit of news. I had first suggested that one of the organizers of TonmoCon try to get ahold of the Singapore-based action figure kit company to see if they could make a simple fig with the Con's name printed on it as they have made in the past for other such gatherings. This is not what I expected. Coming this summer is the Stikfas Alpha Male Diver With Octopus. Including parts to switch the SCUBA diver to Hardhat and the Octopus to a Squid and it's even in traditional Tonmo Orange. Perhaps we can get a hold of a few to hand out at TonmoCon, it seems like a neat idea to me.

Click here for pics.

Yeah, it's rigid, but I think it's as good as it's going to get. The Octopus is even in Netsuke style with removeable siphon.

Post your thoughts here.

Vote about the possibilities for a TonmoCon Stikfas promo here.
Yes, that's what I thought. Who here thinks that we should see if we could get Stikfas to make a few of the Octopus blister packs with "TonmoCon '05" printed on them for the con?
I just got back from Tony and he's all for giving these out at the con, I have yet to here back from Stikfas regarding whether a TonmoCOn Stikfas promo would be possible.

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