Steve O' Shea on MTV

Jul 26, 2003
I saw you on wildboyz, along with steve o' and chris pontius, oh man were those archi's slippery on that table or what. ha, what cracked me up is when you told chris pontius to squeeze the "tenticle" when it was actually the archi's you know what. :heee:
Awesome, it was hilarioud@lmao :lol: :lol:
From Discovery :canada: (not quite MTV :roll: ):

A monster from the Abyss

This piece features Steve, Kat, and Mesonychoteuthis and aired waaaaaay back at the end of May. Just in case you still haven't seen it, there it is. :snail:

By the way, I'm almost certain that it's the squid they're calling a monster...


... hadn't seen that myself; did it so long ago that I clean forgot.

Disclaimer - I never looked like that! (or have I aged 10 years this year?).
myopsida said:
Just put it down to senile decay Steve...otherwise well done
PS (that's me driving the forklift- didya see???)

M, C, B, Q, A, DPQ, you'll give yourself away!!! All those fishermen out there out to roast me with big words (and bigger forearms, and even bigger trucks) will note your cooperation .... and you'll be doomed, hung, drawn and quartered, filled with straw and left to hang in a field, slapped around the head with raw fish stuffed with moonfish.

But you did do a mighty fine job on that forklift.

Ps, do your feet hurt when senile decay sets in, or is that some other problem? :heee:

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