Squids as the Pinnacle of Evolution

Dec 24, 2004
I don't mean to be annoying, but I found an essay on the internet that describes squid being God's ultimate creation. I will call it the "Extra Day theory." Why? The author believes God spent an extra day assessing his failures with the mammalian nervous system and compromises with the paragon of all species: architeuthis. Seriously. Before you start rupturing your lungs with laughter, read the essay. Please.


Surprised? So was I.

Witty repartee would be hilarious.
Formal apology

Last night, I posted a scathing note about a theory I found absurd. Today I realized my lack of respect and I sincerely apologize. A theory is a theory, no matter how unbelievable.

I'm afraid that I have long-since lost the ability to be witty (others online regularly have me in stitches).

Re the essay, it's not really based on any fact (other than the eye's wiring), and is generally up the creek when it comes to specifics on squid, especially giant squid. Nice website, but otherwise the essay gets the right royal :thumbsdo:

Post your theory (I don't know what post you are referring to above). People find it very easy to criticise in this day and age, but very few people can actually construct. The trick is to offer a critique and an alternative, and to discuss them without ever getting personal.

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