Squiddy Tub-Toy!

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Hello All,

Just stumbled across this in the aisles of my nearest Sav-On Drugs and knowing Rebecca was taking a bath later, thought I'd surprise her with it. This toy is awesome! It dips, dives, squirts water when it changes direction at the surface. Very cool. Very unsquidlike in one regard - not for use in salt water(battery corrosion and what-not). Here's the link to the Squiddy on the company's website:


Wondering how well the manta functions...
cool ! hope the bath went well...noticed you didn't post any pics of that...
hey, which species do you all think it is?
Really, Greg. This is not supposed to be an adult thread. :roll: That's why we have the Supporters' Forum! :wink2:

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