Apr 9, 2003
New Show this Fall on Cartoon Network... Just so you guys know.

Five million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean covered North America all the way to the Ohio Valley. As the ocean receded to form our present-day geography, a family of squids was stranded in a remote setting in the North Georgia mountains. This motley melange of mischievous mollusks, influenced by the rural ways of the redneck locals, quickly "adapticise" to a world of fighting, feuding and fornicating with a Faulknerian flambé of ferocious sea creature livin’. A pilot for Squidbillies is currently in production; seven episodes are scheduled to air this fall.

Could be fun. Done by the guys who did Aqua Teen Hunger Force
found this online from Wired: His latest project: an original cartoon called Squidbillies. Loosely autobiographical, Squidbillies stars a family of backwoods cephalopods stranded in the Georgia mountains when the ocean recedes from the Ohio Valley. "We have to write what we know," explains Lazzo, who grew up in the South. "We like seafood and we're rednecks, so we think we've got the tonality down."

it was in an article talking about mike lazzo, the guy behind cartoon network's adult swim, which is apoarently #1 in its timeslot for males 18-34...(granted its on 11pm to 5am, but it is num. 1)

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