Squid Season in La Jolla, CA


Apr 11, 2007
Hello everyone!

I got a call from my dive-buddy today asking me when the squid eggs are supposed to hatch. Having only experience with jellyfish, I didn't know what to tell her. I called people I know, surfed the web, and ended up here.

I need your help. Can anyone tell me when squid eggs are supposed to hatch? We want to plan a dive trip so we can see them in person. If location is imporatant, it's in southern California (San Diego).

Thanks for your help!

Korkster :biggrin2:
I was in Montrery last year and I noticed squid egg strands washing up on the beach around the first 3-4 days of May. By talking with the people at the aquarium I found out that that's also about the time the jiggers started going out fishing. I'd say within 2 weeks of being laid they should hatch, and according to ___ after 10 days. Let us know how the dive goes. We always love to see pictures!


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