Squid help!


May 26, 2005
Hi! My name is Laura Mcleod and i have just joined TONMON. I need some help from the experts. I am doing a research project at the Univeristy of Queensalnd on, in my opinion, the most beautiful squids in the world, Idiosepius Pygmaeus. The have recently laid eggs, which are now due to hatch in a matter of days. I am having a hard time getting information on what to feed and how to look after the young ones. I have a culture of artemia growing, but it is unlikely that they will be enough to keep them alive. Any help is greatly appreciated. I will post pictures and any updates as the young ones go along.

looking forward to hearing from all,

Hi Laura!

I haven't been to Queensland in ages! How far is the university from Surfer's Paradise/Gold Coast?

I can't offer any help on the squid. However, you might want to try getting in contact with James Wood, his page is here:


You can also try OctoPets. Jim raises cuttlefish, seahorses, and octopuses. However, he is hard to get in touch with.

Hope this helps!

- Matt
Hi Laura and :welcome:,

I'd try mysids, larval fish etc basically food needs to be as big or bigger than the hatchlings! They're greedy so and so's! Try talking to our very own Steve O. He's had Sepioteuthis australis hatchlings! He can be emailed or pm'd from this site.

The other person you might want to try emailing is George Jackson at IASOS in Tasmania. I know he did his PhD on Ideosepius pygmaeus I don't know if he had any hatchlings but he did keep adults. I'll pm his email addy.


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