Squid and octopus flavour ice cream


Nov 8, 2003
I stumbled across this:

Pudding fans' horror over fishy desserts

By Bruce Walker

IF you have a yen for something a bit different, how about the latest Japanese craze savoury ice cream.

Flavours include fish, ox tongue, eel, prawn, chicken wings, squid and octopus. Ice cream makers in Britain say shoppers would shun the weird flavours.


Now this isn't my cup of tea but I was curious to know if anyone has tried it?

I've had Guinness flavored ice cream before.....but man, I can't wait till ox tongue ice cream catches on this Summer. There's nothing that says Summer, like sitting on a bench in a park eating an ox tongue flavored ice cream. Man, that brings me back.......good times.
Would a cranchiid squid flavour ice-cream be inky black in colour and taste of ammonium chloride?

Gah! :yuck:
You people really are too picky.....

"But theres a badger in my bathtub"
"Stop holding my head underwater, i dont have gills"
"Oooo i dont like ingesting ammonia"

Giant gelato octopus?

Sounds interesting...

There is a gelato place in Vancouver that makes all kinds of weird gelato flavours.... garlic, black pepper... haven't seen octopus on the menu yet

They make durian gelato, but it is so pungent it has to be kept in a special ventilated room, and only the addicts may enter the room and are confined while they consume their treat.
Octo and squid really dont have that much flavor by themselces.... id definitely try them, just to see how bland they are.... plus seeing the expression of people when one would order the ice cream might be worth it...
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