*splrt splrt* Ahem...I mena, Hi all.


Jun 10, 2003
*flops onto land from beach shore.*

Um hiya folks! The name's Takoball. I've always liked squids and octopi, and thought I'd check this place out. My current hobby is (as my sig states) finding the rare and exotic Saharan Octopus, a cousin of the great Squibbons of future France. Heh heh. Anyways, that's me in an ammonite shell.
takoball.... sounds like a sport.... we could mix basketball and octos.... im sure every once and a while the octo would grab onto the rim and not go in, making things more interesting... hey, we could use blue rings and just declare the last person alive the winner...

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
Takoball sounds less like a sport than like an appetizer to me..........you know what they say you are what you eat!
(In which case I am currently a bowl of cicharrones with red chile) :P

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