Spartacus shows off his big'n

Apr 8, 2004
Phil, guys, girls,
all those guys who've reproduced will be aware that last Sunday (6th Juni)
was D-Day 60 years ago. Well done to all those that attended, your efforts are more than appreciated.
:unionjac: :usa: :canada: et al :thumbsup:
it was also Fathers' Day & Spartacus jr. came up with the goods :sun:
Attached, on full display for the 1st time in 360 million years, from Devon :P , in the stripey/curly corner
Goniatites Megalodon

also, for Phil is a happy snap of the sort of lumps of Liassic limestone that I have hauled many miles over rock strewn Dorset beaches, 1 under each arm, another in my rucksack with my rock pick tenaciously gripped between my teeth at high tide :snorkel: .
The 2CV sure looks sporty with the suspension fully compressed.
I'm grateful for Tony Gill finding Mary the 5 metre Icthyosaur as it would never all have fitted in.
This lump is packed with goodies but work has been halted 'til I go pneumatic as my good lady refuses to blow off the dust as I work (I have to wear a dust mask as it irritates my asthma & makes me cough when I have my next White Owl New Yorker)
Hi all/both, glad you like it.
Wib's a good lad isn't he & knows how to keep his :popcorn: sweet !
All I know so far is it's big :shock: , a Sporadoceras, around 360 myo (Devonian) & from good ol' Morocco.
& is now able to enjoy television with a 450 myo Flexicalymene trilobite :trilobit: , a host of Jurassic guys & couple of Cretaceous spongers (dull)
Phil's good at filling in the gaps ! :grad:

Kevin, I'm still traumatised :goofysca: from mashing a perfect specimen earlier in the year, BFH certainly still has it's place to rid excess matrix but I do prefer to "tap it unwrap it" as there's no rush & it's a long way to get some more :boat:
The lump is specially crafted in situe (BFH+BFC) to fit my rucksack & whisked away to sunny Norfolk for some TLC - hours of fun & frustration !

That’s a great specimen! Actually you have helped me out here. You see, I happened upon a rock-music festival last summer near Canterbury. At the time it was the middle of a baking hot afternoon and I had had about seven pints of scrumpy jack in the space of four hours and feeling somewhat worse for wear. Wandering around the field desperate to escape the wails of Shed Seven I discovered a stall selling gems, rocks and fossils. Thereupon I happened upon a goniatite languishing in a dusty tray for the princely sum of £2. The owner didn’t know what it was except it was a goniatite, or I was too away with the fairies to take much notice, anyway I wandered back with this humble ammonoid you can see here.

In case you are wondering what on earth this has to do with your fine polished specimen, I have been unable to identify it until now! I was today searching for images of your Sporadoceras when I stumbled across an image which clearly showed that your specimen and mine are one and the same. So thankyou!!!! :notworth:

Oh, and Robert Plant was good, but John Otway was much much better! (Who? I hear you all cry?)

….sorry….normal transmission shall resume….

:band: :sun: :beer: :ammonite:


(PS, top notch comment about D-Day. :usa: =Omaha, Utah, :canada: :unionjac: = Gold, Juno, Sword. Tom Hanks! You listening?)
I've just found out Father's Day is 20 June ! :roflmao: , turns out his nibs couldn't wait to hand over my prezzy so I got it early, hope this clears up any confusion.

bonjour & thank you for welcoming Goniatites Megalodon into the cosy bossom that is :thumbsup:

Kevin, the mashee :ammonite: was reconstituted using polyvinyl acetate EVAP & now sits on the shelf with the right 'ump & I can't get near it to tickle it with tungsten carbide. I've a theory it's a girl.
The prepping machine is in fact a Wibby Mk1 (2001), rather loud, inaccurate, expensive to run & prone to leaking ! :oops:
I've no experience with the Binford but I did used to run a HAL 9000 tuned by Sir Clive Sinclair :madsci: for fossil preparation & wasn't impressed.
All it ever did was ask what was I doing :alarm: !

That’s a great specimen

Phil, not bad eh :sly:
Actually you have helped me out here
well I'm chuffed to be of service. if the gig was last year it must have been the Geoff Chaucer Benefit Bash ?
I had had about seven pints of scrumpy jack
:notworth: respect to you Sir, 7 pints of Scrumpy Jack !!! sheesh
I used to be a SJ fan as along with Ricard I could drink it & wake up still feeling human :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: + keeebab ! but never 7 :notworth:
Sounds like the perfect day out for a cider swilling, rockin', paleocephalopodan bargain hunter apart from "The Price of Doughnuts" & :notworth: Ian Dury :notworth: missing from the line up. Roger Whittaker was apparently supposed to headline but you were lucky that while his ship was lying rigged & ready in the harbour, it capsized under the weight of lip balm ol' Rodge needed to maintain a tight pucker without chapping, damn shame :|

So thankyou!!!!
tres welcome ! glad to be of service.

One thing that concerns me is that when one of these guys has still got his jacket on he looks tip top, good enough to love , hug & call George.
So why the obsession with the polishing ?

Who? I hear you all cry?
I believe I've never actually had the pleasure of Mr Otway ! I've genned up & he sounds just like my kind of anti hero & he courted the
gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous Paula, bless 'er :cry:

Bob no, but I do have a Sail plant called Leon ! :biggrin2: I do

:unionjac: :usa: :canada: they're all grey getting on now but on the day they were RAHHHHH !! :x

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