Spartacus' French retirement home

Apr 8, 2004
Bonjour mes amis, I will be back proper (oh yes I will) :twisted: in due course for some merry banter when my house of ceph (every block of limestone in it's construction contains either a belemnite or ammonite) is nearer habitability, you have been warned !

bon pommes frites

Bonsoir, monsieur le Spartacus; Roi de Jurassique Geologie...., et un grand ami du companions du TONMO.....

Avez-vous observé ce sujet ?

TONMO Cephalopod Community

Bon chance, mon ami! Ca va?

Phillippe du 95th Rifles a Talavera
I've received the following message from Lord Spartacus for you all:

"right you lot, stop trying to trip me up with the lingo, I know Babelfish !
oui ca va tres bien !
thanx for all yopur best wishes !

Ma maison et dans the department beginning with the letter that comes before "W" (to throw off intelligence agencies) & sort of near town F le C.
just ask TPOT.
A nice man recently dug out ditches ready for monsoon et voila cephtastic !"

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