Something VERY strange.

No kiddin! :P It's just I don't understand it. Their biology wouldn't seem to work in a freshwater environment, but; A) I don't see how someone could bear to put an octopus in freshwater. B) I don't think an octo could get that far in freshwater.


P.S. I'm leanin towards "don't have a farging clue". :P

there is a way for saltwater fish to live in freshwater by slowly diluding the water but this would take many generations if there were octos at the mouth of the river they could adapt over a long period of time
When dealing with something as complex as an octopus in this conundrum, it's a real head-scratcher, but then again, I'd like to bring to the table the fact that a few months ago a little girl in Nebraska found a species of freshwater jellyfish, and if there isn't any species of freshwater octo, then we should go out and make some by doing what a rabid squid said.
If it is true which it very well could be... Someone who lives near one of the rivers or lakes listed should go diving and look for octos! In rivers and lakes they would have an abuntant supply of crayfish and they like those! If it were true it could revolutionize the aquarium industry! Sorta... :P
There was another thread simiar to this and we all agreed HOAX. But if octopets can make saltwater guppies, we can make freshwater octos!!! In a million years maybe... :smile: Seriously it would be great if there were freshwater cephs, husbandry would be so much easier.
I think there is a much easier way than taking a million years lol! Heres my theory.... You catch 2 octos from a semi brackish inviroment and take it home and put it in a large tank 150 gallons or so big enough so they dont eat ech other. Everyday you remove a half a gollon or so of the salt water and replace it with ultra pure fresh water. Until the the salt level in the aquarium is more fresh then it is salt. If the octos breed u can raise a few generations of octos in ur aquarium. Without lowering or raising the salt level. Then u decrease littler and littler over several more genrations. And if it works! Then well u have urself a freshwater octo species! Then u release them into a lake! :twisted:
I've been looking into this so called freshwater octo.... And there just might be one.. No one would ever catch them cuz they are never caught with poles and no one dives in lakes (well not usually)... Here is some other info I found on the subject.... I found this when looking through old posts from last year....

And this I was just searching the web for freshwater octo stuff...

Amazing isnt it? The guy ate it though... What a moron. Also I think that the octo found could have been living in freshwater! Because... Whenever an octo of mine gets sick it loses its suction.... Someone have anything else to say bout this?

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