Some cuttle pictures....(PICTURE INTENSE)

Feb 18, 2005
dwhatley;112152 said:
OOP! I missed the caption on the last set. You had mentioned that you badly wanted another before you got this group and I half wondered if you would figure out something to pipe into your cool setup and get the one listed on Live Aquaria ;>)

Id love to acquire an officinalis again, but since I was not able to get them when my tank was first setup, the 150 would not be a good home for one. Id prob need a chiller and rearrange my rockwork and have less corals. My reef obsession has come back in full force, so Im not willing to sacrifice all the nice SPS Ive collected. =)

How's your large tank build/plans going?

Having the Bandensis in a full blown reef has not shown any problems so far. They are all laying eggs like mad! Im not looking forward to taking them out. Theres a huge cluster in a cave that would be very difficult to remove.


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Sep 4, 2006
Our over the stairwell tank is in financial hold, and will be that way until my work status has more security ;>(