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Smileypuses for December - An Immodest Proposal

Nov 20, 2002
OK, so we've got a Santa Smiley. But wouldn't it be even better to have a Santapus with a present in each arm?

Or, how about a Hanukkahpus with each of the 8 arms lighting one of the nightly menorah candles, and maybe the shamas candle shaped like a tentacle with a light at the end (hint, hint)?

And while we're at it, why not a Kwanzaapus with each of 7 arms lighting one of the kinara candles, and the eighth one carrying a bowl of harvest fruits?

Too late for this year, perhaps, but now you TONMOgrafix types have 48 whole weeks to design these December Smileypuses for 2006.

And while we're at it, I notice a certain species conspicuously missing from our regular Ceph Smileys. C'mon gang, if you can make blinking googley-eyes :bugout: and rippling rainbows :rainbow:, how hard can it be to do a coupla nictitating photophores, hmmmmmmm?

Ready.... Set.... DRAW!

On a (cinnamon) roll,
Toomuchcaffeinia Danae

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