Smedley comes home!


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
My husband and I brought Smedley home last night. We had the whole night planned around his arrival. We were going to order pizza and wait for him to come out of wherever he was hiding. Getting him from the LFS was an ordeal. He did not want to get into his plastic bag. In fact, he inked trying to get away from it. Poor thing. So we got him home, and aclimated him over the course of an hour and when he entered the tank, he immediately went to the back. His color immedieately changed from pale (which really scared us) to a nice brownish. He hung out on the back for about 10 minutes, and then started exploring. No hiding, just checking out his new digs. Withing 20 minutes he was swimming back and forth and touching all his rocks. He would land on one, and change color. Then he would move to another and change, and finnally hit them all. The caves that we made for him? Wanted nothing to do with them. Pushed some of the rocks around and found a nice place to sleep. He didn't eat anyting yesterday, but when I got home, I gave him a few hermit crabs, which he immediately ate. He, as I am typing this, is chilling out on te glass, stretching every now and then. He is very active, which is great. We are on the way to get him some shrimp. We don't know how old he is, but even if we only have him for a week, it has been worth it. He is so interesting. I never knew we had so many friends. Bring an octopus home, and everyone comes over. Pictures wil be following very soon. Thank you for all the great information.
Congratulations on bringing Smedley home! Sounds like he's adjusting well to his new home. We're all looking forward to the pics. And please keep us updated on Smedley's progress.

Hi Mike, have you tried feeding him on a stick yet to encourage rocky out?
Congrats on Smedleys arrival!!! Love the name!!! Do you know what kind he is? Being you live in Florida, do you have access to collecting food on your own? My daughtor and I collect weekly and have a local tank set up for food.

Good luck with him! Looking forward to pictures!!


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