Sepiola atlantica reproduction

Aug 14, 2003
Hello all,

I am one of the webmasters of a Dutch informative marine biology website: Sorry to say, but most of it is in Dutch.

On the Dutch coast we frequently find Sepiola atlantica. In the summer months we find tiny juveniles, but we never seem to find mating adults, adults depositing eggs, the eggs themselves etc.
For our website I am trying to find some information on Sepiola atlantica reproduction but I just cannot find any references on this particular topic.

Is there anybody out there who can help me???????

Best regards

well basically what the link say's is that it's reproduction type is Gonochoristic (dioecious):Having separate sexes, the frequency of reproduction:Semelparous Breeding only once then dying(this might be good new's because you'll know that if the male is still alive he hasn't had sexual interaction's with another cuttle), it's development mechanism:biggrin2:irect development Development without a larval stage, Oviparous A type of reproduction in animals in which the fertilised eggs are laid or spawned by the mother. it's not very informative but it's the only link i found on the net.
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