tom rinkes

Mar 20, 2004
Dear members,

Does any one know of a address whom sell squid in Europe/ the Netherlands?

Is it possible to transport squid from US to Europe by plane
(If customs isn’t a problem)

Please post a reaction, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and avert.

Tom Rinkes
The Netherlands

[email protected]
squid wanted?

Hi there,

Octopii and cuttlefish are relatively easy to keep in captivity. Very very few people have successfully reared squid in captivity. I am one of them. Infact, Steve O'Shea is the only person, apart from myself, that I know of so far have successfully reared sqiud.

I have the following questions for you though:
1. when you say squid, do you really mean squid and not cuttlefish?
2. do you want to get live squid as pet in aquarium or as subject of
scientific research?
3. are you an experienced aquarist in keeping marine animals?
Squid need a large cylindarific tank that is non transparent so the don't go whoosh and hurt themselves on the glass. Like Cyrus said, they don't do well in captivity. I think you could get a cuttlefish, getting a good octopus is nearly impossible in the UK.
Squid, from what I heard are extremely skittish and need large tanks. From what I know they die out of water easily too.

They, like most or if not all cephalopods sren't really good shippers and they might die in transit.

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