Senior Thesis (undergrad)


Nov 24, 2002
Hey all,
Been a member for a very long time, almost since the beginning, but have not been around in over a year! That is because I have been extremely busy with my very own squid research project!!!! which is coming to an end! I have been looking at the phylogeny of Loliginids. I have sequenced almost the whole mt coxIII gene of L. pealeii and am using that data and comparing it with 9 other squid spp and O. vulgaris (outgroup). My project originally included L. plei, but, due to horrible circumstances (I was there!), I was unable to sequence the amplified DNA. But, the point is, if anyone is interested, when i am finished, I would be willing to share my learning experience and info with you all.
Nice to have you back! I remember when you were just heading off to college. Looks like you've learned a lot and are involved in interesting projects. Yes, we'd like to know more.

that sounds really cool! Of course, I had to look up coxIII on google-- from a few minutes of googling, it sounds like it's a mitochondrial gene that is well-conserved across eukaryotes, right? Very nifty... looking forward to hearing more!
Hey Melissa; welcome back!! I think that it is truly marvelous that two of you, yourself and Graeme, are doing research and are prepared to share that with everyone else! It is refreshing. I for one would love to read what you have found, and would urge you to put an abridged version (if not the full version) of your research online, through TONMO, so that you might inspire others to follow a similar career path. There is, as you will be well aware, so much that needs to be done.
I'm interested, too, although I'm afraid it might be way over my head. Fancy writing a Loliginid Phylogeny Using the Mitochondrial Gene for Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit III for Dummies?
Hey melbe, welcome back! It's been ages! I trust Roxy is doing well? :smile:...

It would be great to have your findings shared here on PM me if you'd like to be on the Octopodcast to discuss your thesis, and/or if I can help with any coordination getting your info posted.

I also remember when you were going off to school and you were excited about studying cephs -- so cool that you followed through with that. Standing by!
I'll add to it I wanna hear more!! I tried with N. sloanii but for some reason we couldn't extract the DNA and as it was a small component of my research it had to be abandoned...........such is life!

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