searching for seminal receptacle in S. officinalis

Jul 22, 2004
Good evening :smile:

I am a bit confused about the seminal receptacles of Sepia officinalis. I read a few papers and I know the s. receptacle is a paired organ in the ventral buccal membrane.
I have had a look at a female specimen (against a male) and observed an U-shaped tissue (upper picture) on the inner surface of the buccal membrane that was not present in the male. But I also found a small opening next to each tentacle on the outer surface of the buccal membrane in the female (lower picture).
Which one is the pore of the seminal receptacle?



Thanks for your help
TK :cuttle:
I've info on this in the office (unfortunately I'm not there right now). Unless someone else posts over the next few days, and if you send a pm reminder (I'm a tad stretched right now; prone to forgetting things), I'll dig it out and post.

There are a number of pdf's that can be downloaded online, google search, keywords 'seminal receptacle Sepia', but you've probably tracked these down already (I just did a quick search).

Real interesting post!!! There was a review of seminal receptacles in cephs a few years ago, possibly in a Smithsonian publication (if memory serves me correctly; however, it could have been a review of these structures in the Enoploteuthidae only).

It was for the Enoploteuthidae, sorry.

For the record the paper was:
Burgess, L.A. 1998. A survey of seminal recptacles in the Enoploteuthidae. Systematics and biogeography of cephalopods, Volume 1. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 586: 271-276.

I'll do a wee hunt for the receptacles in Sepia.
Good Evening from Germany

Thank you for your effort, Steve...
I found an answer to my question today :biggrin2: S. v. Boletzky suggested that the u-shaped tissue in the upper picture is the epithelia for spermatozoid-storage (seminal receptacle)...

TK :cuttle:
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