Score One For the Good Guys :)

Bald Evil

Apr 3, 2003
This is peripherally ceph-related, as we know the Patagonian toothfish is a staple in the diet of the colossal squid:

I feel for those out there guys hunting those damned poachers. That is no easy way to make a living, and they're doing one of the most grueling jobs there is to protect the environment. Hope they win this newest pursuit as well! GO TEAM! M. Hamiltonii thanks you! :smile:
That is rather heartening. I need to ask about the effectiveness of this, though:

Australia's four licensed fishing companies have to abide by an annual catch quota, which was cut to 2,815 tons this year from 2,995 tons a year ago to protect stocks.
hehe, mom told me stories about when she used to work for one of those types of companies, but she was the one who calculated the amount of fishing that could be done for that area in Cape Cod...
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