Scientific Personality Assessment


Aug 23, 2005
Has anyone taken this?


The Human Side of Science: What is the Archetypal Researcher Personality?

Are there some personalities that are better suited than others to a scientific career? To provide insight into this issue, The Science Advisory Board created the first-ever psychological profile of life science researchers, the Scientific Personality Assessment (

The assessment is meant to help scientists better evaluate their strengths and assets as well as confront the particular challenges they face in their everyday work life. The goal is not to suggest that one personality type is better than another or that having specific character traits will engender more professional success, but rather to encourage people to align their professional aspirations with their own particular blend of expertise and skills. A summary of results based on recent participants has been posted at:
I ended up being a "Leader." Go figure... I own and operate my own veterinary hospital.

I like this quote, "Concerned with achieving their personal goals and dreams, leaders value fellow lab members and suppliers according to their ability to help them in these endeavors. They work best with "big picture" projects that need to be pushed through with aggressiveness or personal resolve. In a dysfunctional research team, they may be resented or even feared because of this aggressiveness and their perceived lack of concern for others' feelings. A healthy research team, however, will respect a leader and give him or her with authority and responsibility to fulfill their mission. Leaders mandate perfection and are usually easy to get along with—provided that others measure up to the Leader’s high expectations. "

Sounds about right, eh, Scully?
I'm an explorer, apparently, though I disagree with a few things that they conclude:

(and if anyone disagrees with me I'll pop them on the nose)

And BAN bottom trawling or we'll all be doomed!!!
Organizer, apparantly.

I organised something once, I think it was a group meet at the local real-ale beer festival in the town hall. I've got a diary too so it must be true.

Steve O'Shea said:
I'm an explorer, apparently, though I disagree with a few things that they conclude:

(and if anyone disagrees with me I'll pop them on the nose)

And BAN bottom trawling or we'll all be doomed!!!

I got the same thing, and had a similar reaction. I AM opinionated, but I don't want to tell everyone what I think. I'm a better audience than speaker.

Maybe "explorer" just means "disorganized."

Organizer here too! Suppose its pretty true, though the questions that I answered weren't always 100% me. It hard to be super accurate with these sort of personality quizes as everyone is so different. Goes without saying, though, I guess.

Heaven's, when I picked THE EXACT OPPOSITE (or closest thing to it; I remained male), I became an enthusiast (I've probably screwed up their data set).

Organizer? Me? Impossible. Any person who's ever seen my workspaces over the years knows just how disorganized they look.

Then again, I usually know exactly where everything is, and I can pack a car's trunk like nobody's business.


You are an Organizer

Organizers are defined by their methodical, traditional and pragmatic approach to scientific research. These highly intellectual individuals are soft-spoken and typically refrain from expressing their feelings, not wanting to overtly influence another's opinion or analysis of experimental results. However, this does not mean that an organizer does not feel strongly about the meaning of the data in question – organizers can be very particular and often judgmental of others, especially when a colleague's assumption contradicts his or her own.

Organizers thrive on facts and data. Because of the extensive detail they require of any task, organizers prefer to work on only a few research projects at a time. They are extremely cautious decision-makers and have a tendency to analyze problems from multiple angles—but their final analysis is routinely based upon very sound judgment. Although organizers are notoriously dependable, they prefer working independently since their desire for order can become problematic in a team environment where everyone's opinion counts.

Other scientific personas may find that the organizer to be too demanding. Organizers are perfectionists and are bothered by careless mistakes. They become frustrated and sometimes procrastinate when they must make a decision and sufficient facts are not available, or the quality of the available data does not meet their high standards. Organizers strive for high levels of accuracy and precision in their own work, and expect the same from colleagues and suppliers.

WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ORGANIZER?! IMPOSSIBLE! (We are talking about the same kid you loses papers on a regular basis, only to find them two days later!) A.k.a., "What, me? Organize? Naw...":twisted:
Although, paragraphs 2 and 3 may have a point. ('Course I thought I was simply the worlds leading and foremost procrastinator. :oops:)
Yep Explorer! Damn, it's the whole disorganised thing isn't it? "Crikey look at the state of his desk/lab, he must be an explorer". I admit that I only tidy up when I can't find something, which... happens.. quite a lot. And I have been accused of ahem 'project slip' in the past.

Drat! Hey there are only four types anyway,

I think it's all a bit broad really.

Anyway, I'm not a scientist.

So I don't care, ner!

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