Satisfying Trip to the Aquarium


Jun 8, 2003
On Friday night, my significant other and I made an excursion to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I, of course, was singularly interested in seeing the octopus they have there. I'd been to this aquarium before, and each time, the octopus would only hole up in the corner of his tank and hide from my sight, much to my disappointment. BUT FRIDAY! Friday, Herr Octo not only came out of his corner, he also spread his web wide open against the front glass many times to show me all of his suckers. He also bumbled around cutely, like an octopus does, and he looked at me a lot with his pretty eyes. I think he knew I was in love with him. I put my hand up to the glass, hoping my fingers would somewhat resemble another friendly octo, and he seemed to respond with much curiosity. In fact, he was just curious all around. Every time a new person came up to the tank (I was standing there for about twenty minutes), he would come over to greet them, and display his lovely suckers. The best part was when this one young lady came up, saw my sticky friend, and said, "Ew!" Octo promptly became repelled by her prejudiced comment and jetted across his tank (which was far too small for an octo his size) and ended up running into the wall with the tip of his mantle. Poor boy, I wanted to hug him. I know he wanted to hug me as well, as he kept spreading his arms out in my direction. My boyfriend took many pictures of him and even a video of me with my hand up against the glass looking into the tank. I may post pictures at a later date, if they are acceptable. Also, I have added two stuffed octos to my collection; my boyfriend purchased a sparkly red one for me from the aquarium, and I got a goofy looking green and fuschia one that hangs from a loop for a graduation present. All in all, a great octo weekend!
We like seeing all pics...and what do you mean by "acceptable"? (Clem, keep your hat on) :smile:
If you are going to keep stuffed octos, be sure to add a plush cthulhu to your collection!!!
sounds like a cool trip, wish we had something like that here...sigh.
franny - youll find many of us have plush octos, with or without the lovecraftian influence.... i think the picture at the end of the "visit to the nrcc" article might be a bit overboard :smile:

greg - youre saying theres a shortage of aquaria in Arizona? learn something every day

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
smartass. LOL. The Phoenix Zoo has made noises for about ten years now re: a public aquarium, and I have drawn up designs for several different venues, but so luck with the board. It really would be nice to have one here though...nothing as big as cali or the east coast, I am sure, but even so...
Oh well. enough of my whining.

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