Sad News... Our local Petco


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Unfortunately the Petco that collapsed was one of my favorite stops. I heard on the news today at work, that a gas main had been ruptured and within the hour or so there was an explosion and the store had collapsed. Some quick thinking employees were able to get some customers out, and from what I heard, there are 5 people hospitalized in critical condition. Very sad. We went by tonight and they were still trying to stabilize the building so they could continue with the animal rescue. :sad:
that sucks. It is also the third gas main explosion to cripple a major building this year (that I have seen on the news, at least)...One would think that the gas companies might want to take a long hard look at how they provide their product !
One of the worst was an apartment complex (almost 100 units) that went up with a big bang...mostly with the people still inside!
Hope all of the people are recovering ok there...keep us posted, our fingers are crossed !