S.Bandensis Cuttlefish - Just released the kids into main tank


Dec 18, 2009
Just released my three little monsters into the reef last night. All are doing well and I caught this one exploring when the lights came on this morning. I really see what Rich was saying now about how easy they can get "lost" in a large tank. Their camo is beautifully cryptic and very hard to see against the liverock. I'll post more (better) vids once things settle down. :smile:

GREAT video, I don't remember one showing such a good example of their "walk". They do kind of remind me of stink bugs at this size though :wink:
New video - xenia coral mimicry?

I took this video last night. It looks like the cuttle is intentionally modifying coloration and tentacle movement to appear like the xenia corals he is hovering near. Theres some good movement towards the middle/end of video. Am I crazy? Anyone see this kind of behavior before?

Also heres a video of one of my cuttles passing up a crab. It would have been a great strike video. Wish he wasnt stuffed from an earlier feeding!

The pose of the cuttle in the xenia is a common one, so it is hard to tell if anything special is going on. I see them doing similar actions off an on regardless of position relative to any coral. I also can't tell what is going on with the color. Were you pointing a flash light at the tank too?

Cool vid!
Pic of one of the kids after a kill


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