S. bandensis at the California Academy of Sciences


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Jan 22, 2004
Hey guys,

The cuttle display is up at work, and its working out well so far. The idea is to have a bunch of cuttles on display (30) while they are small, and move them off show as needed. The display consist of leather corals and single polyp LPS. There are several starfish for clean up.
The tank is 48inx24x24, approx 120 gallons, connecting to 3 other tanks for a total volume of approx 300 gallons. There are 2 175 watt, 20k MH fixtures for lighting.
Circulation is mostly via the return from the pump, and glitter lines are achieved by single rigid airline tube and air bubbles.
The substrate is a mix of fine sand and coral rubble.
The S.bandensis were all hatched at the Academy and were fed live mysis and were weaned onto thawed PE mysis around week 4. Currently they are eating saltwater marine ghost shrimp and local cragnon bait shrimp. I was planning them weaning them onto frozen foods, but since we can keep cragnon at 50 degrees f here at work, I may just keep them on live stuff.

This morning I caught some hanky panky:
I am jealous too! I have to keep pinching myself.

I haven't been able to get a full tank shot this week. I will though after I get back from vacation. Finally, a vacation!
Main tank. The male is tiny compared to the female. She was laying again as I was leaving and he was trying to mate with her, but she kept shutting him down by folding up all of her arms.

I'll try get some pics soon.
One female has been laying eggs for the last 3 days. It takes her 2-6 minutes to lay one and add it to the cluster.

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