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May 30, 2000
Passing on the following email.

It is with great sadness to report to you that my son Robert (32 years)(Octobloke) died in Southampton general hospital on 15 May after prolonged treatment of 11 weeks. He had corrective heart surgery on the 26 February after a long period of slow deterioration. The surgery, which should have taken 6 hours ended up as 15 hours in which the surgeon nearly lost him 3 times. There followed a period of 11 weeks in cardiac intensive care during which time his partner Donna never left his bedside. He loved your site and discussed it with me every week and thought your support for his previous visit to hospital was marvellous. best wishes to all

Bob Williams

I'm sure he's following this thread from a better place. God bless, Octobloke.
[URL2=[URL]]Here's[/URL] a link[/URL2] to one of Octobloke's many contributions to the community.
Very sorry to hear about this tragic news, words really are inadequate. Thinking of you of both, Bob and Donna.
I'd like to modestly dedicate our first convention to Octobloke, who was publicly and privately a staunch supporter of, and a good friend to us all (whether or not all of us know that!). There will be no events or agenda relating to this dedication, but just wanted to mention that this is the way I'll be thinking about the convention.
So very, very young. My sympathies go to all who ever loved him and will miss him. We'll miss him.
In looking through some old emails, it certainly is appropriate to dedicate our convention to Robert. Here is an email from September 8th, 2003:

Any idea (roughly) when the Octopus (TONMO)convention will be? As I've got to go into hospital soon(-ish) and I will need to be fit in order to get travel insurance. On a seperate note going to Newquay on Wednesday to sponsor Titan and company, if work will permit. They're asking for 35 words describing to be put on the sign. What do you want to say on it? Thought I should ask seeing as it's your website.

Rob Williams (a.k.a Octobloke)
Sharing further correspondence re: Robert:


Hi Tony,

Thanks for your e-mail. It is shattering news for all his friends and especially, family and partner Donna.

Rob greatly enthused about TONMO and I knew it meant a great deal to him. Rob was always interested in the natural world, but in the last few years he had a fascination with Octopi and as you know, his alter-ego and polyester Octopus, Asterisk, never left his side.

Rob dearly wanted to attend the convention, but I'm glad he had positive input via your site, which I think is fantastic.

You are more than welcome to use any images that I've created for the purposes you describe. They were only rough sketches to be honest, but people seem to like them.

It would be good to keep in touch, as a way of celebrating Rob's interest in TONMO.

Kind regards,


>From: "Tony Morelli"
>CC: "'Erich Orser'" ,
>Subject: FW: Only me
>Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 10:24:56 -0400
>I understand our mutual friend Robert Williams passed away on May 15. The
> community is very sad to hear of this loss.
>In August, the community is holding its first convention in
>Monterey, CA. We'd like to modestly dedicate the event to Rob Williams.
>In doing so, we'd like to display your art, that he brought our way via the
>email below, and still exists in our Image Gallery. I'm writing to seek
>permission to display your artwork in Rob's memory.
>Best regards,
>Tony Morelli
>Founder, Webmaster
> TONMO Cephalopod Community
>e: [email protected]
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Robert Williams [mailto:[email protected]]
>Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 11:59 AM
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Only me
>Dear Tony,
> A good friend of mine did these 2 pictures of my stuffed
>octopus for my website. Would you like to use them for your art page?
> The first one depicts Asterisk (provisional name) enjoying a nice pint of
>Guinness, he developed the taste from his visit to Dublin. The second one
>is basically his 'seal of approval' for any activity he enjoys. I told my
>friend Robin, who created the images, that you discourage images being used
>without permission so he's happy.
> As I think I said to you before it will just be a sort of web magazine
>featuring activities and things to do, pictures and so on. With the Octopus
>acting as a mascot. So hopefully this should up and running soon.
>Best wishes and keep up the good work,
>Rob Williams
>Image courtesy of Robin Davies
it is really a bummer that he won't be there to share with all of is good news, though, that we will be able to see some of his contributions...

Message from Octobird (Octobloke's financee)

Thank you everyone who has contributed the above memories about Octobloke on the site. He would be very proud of everything that everyone has said about him. He would be especially honoured that the Octopus Convention will be in memory of him and everything that he has contributed to on the site over the years in which he has been a member, his memory will live on, and I hope that I will continue to be a active member as was Octobloke (Rob).

Once again, thank you everyone - Octobird (aka Donna Maunder)

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