Rip Odo

Feb 25, 2003
I got home today to find Odo overrun by bristle worms.

I'm pretty sure they didn't kill him, but it still sucks.

Well, 0 for 2, think I'll lay off for a while
Know exactly how you feel, sorry to say...I haven't kept a ceph in years after my last tragedy...although we are thinking of a bimac in the spring...we shall see...I am very, very sorry though...bummer. :cry:
I think I've narrowed it down to the ghost shrimp I fed yesterday.

It was a new batch from the LFS.

As for how long I had him,
I figured it out

got a cuttlefish, 14 days later sucked into a pump.
made the tank free of all pumps and added new screens to the drains
got an octo, 14 days later died of ??

I think I need to look into perhaps an anemone tank :goofysca:

anyway, I'll wait and see what happens after X-mas
I had a baby die of unknown reasons acouple weeks ago after only a week. Sometimes there are no reasons. Did you check your water quality? Anyway, hope you try again! They are deffinately worth the effort and the heartache!!!!

You are probably correct Carol...I just know that this time, we are going with a captive bred more wild caught stuff for me...
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