RIP Ochi

Jan 8, 2004
I found Ochi laying on the substrate laboring in his breaths. He was still alive but not looking good. I checked all parameters with very good results. Temp, Salinity, Trates, Trites, Copper, etc, all were fine. I moved the cleaning magnet closer to him and he flashed his oculus and changed a few colors, I guess now saying good bye, as we played this way every morning since I got him and was at home to do so.

For the last 3 weeks Ochi had turned a corner of interaction and was out almost 100% of the time except to sleep. He just wanted to play and play. It was really exciting to have this happen, as so many times I had to coaxes him into activity in the past.

I did notice he was eating much less during these times, and kept a close eye on all of his tank parameters, and made sure he got to eat after I worked up his appetite while playing.

At 12:15 p.m. today I received a call from my Pearl that Ochi has passed on.

I am pretty disturbed that it happened so suddenly and without a plausible answer as to why. I know he did not live his full life, as he never got to the size others have reported. For that I am sorry for him, he deserved to see it all!!

I will be taking Ochi to a seaside burial this evening after work. I have owned several tanks and sea life over my years, but have never felt the feeling of loss you experience with an octo. They demand so much of your attention and time. In their own way, everyday, they remind you of why it is all worth it . Be it a reaching out with their arms when you go by their tank, or crawling onto your hand for little pats on their heads. They are truly amazing creatures!

I know I will be getting another octo in the future, as Ochi has done a number on me regarding cephs. I am hooked!

I just wish for 1 day I could turn back the hands of time and do it all over with him.

RIP OCHI WE LOVE YOU!! Neptune & Pearl!!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
RIP Ochi! They are truly amazing and addicting creatures!!! Glad to hear you want to experience more!! They truly have very different and unique personalities.

Neptune Im sorry to hear that mate, even thou Ive been away a while from here I remember when you got him and how cool you described him. Gutted. :frown:

:angelpus: off to the great sea in the sky

Take it easy.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words. I truly appreciate all of them.

It is definitely different under my roof these day without Ochi. What a strange feeling to look at his empty tank, and occasionally looking around in it for him, even though I know better.

I watched a bunch of old vids of him the other day going back to when I first got him. I still can not believe how little he was, and how much that changed!

Again, thank each one of you, it means a lot to read your sympathies!!

Good luck to all of you, and your little ones!!
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