R.I.P. Ashi


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
Hi ya'll, Just thought I'd let you guys know that Ashi passed away sometime Monday night. He had been eating less the last month or so but still seemed to be quite active. I didn't see him at all yesterday, and this morning I moved the rocks around and found him. Gonna miss the little guy, He's been like a member of the family.....

Sorry to hear this, Spring. RIP Ashi :angelpus:

Ashi was one of our 2004 bimac siblings.

You have such a beautiful tank - any plans to get another?

Thanks, Nancy and Carol. Yeah, I'll probably get another, but not for a while. It's gonna be hard getting used to an empty tank. One of the first things I'd always do when getting up in the morning, or arriving home in the afternoon, was check on Ashi. Just to see if he was out, or napping in his shell. He provided us with countless hours of entertainment. I don't really know what happened to him. About a month ago he started to eat less and became more reclusive. He wasn't even interested in live ghost shrimp anymore. I put a couple in the tank near him and they crawled on his mantle and he still didn't go for them. It's a shame they have such a short lifespan. :frown: My husband doesn't want me to get another for just that reason. He says "Why do you want to get something that's just gonna die in 10 months or a year?" I have to admit, he's got a point....

well, yes and no... An octopus doesn't live as long as some other animals, but it is a unique experience. You're not shortening its life by keeping it, either.

My husband said the same thing about getting a second octopus, but he's come around. He wasn't going to get involved with Ollie but he ended up really liking her and running in every morning to see her as soon as he got up.

So yes, there's some sadness involved, but a lot of good things, too.

I agree with Nancy. I have had quite a few die, but I'd rather they come home with me than go to someone who has had no experience and hasn't tried to learn. I know they will be happy with me for the short time that I have them. And each one has had such a unique personality as well as being a fascinating experience I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Thanks, Melissa.
Nancy, Todd was the same way. He really got attached to Ashi. I have some credit due me from FishSupply for a doa anemone I received when I purchased Ashi. So I'll probably get at least one more.
Carol, I agree keeping an Octopus has been an experience extrordinaire! But I wonder what other fascinating creatures that are out there that might be equally interesting. By the way, did anyone catch the program on Octo's on the science channel last week? Great show.

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