Question: Where to start a good thread about Ceph jewelry?

Apr 7, 2004

I have been a great octopus fan for a while now and have been collecting images from across the web with a vengeance.

I have found numerous octopus, squid, and kraken jewelry, art, and even furniture and I was wondering how best to share this with everyone? I was looking to see if I could send some of the pics and where to get the pieces from to the Entertainment section, but I can't seem to contact him.

The main thing is that I like to display my love for the sea and octopuses, along with my girlfriend, all while avoiding the tacky and cutesy stuff along the way. I would just like to share with fellow enthusiasts.

Any suggestions or emails are welcome

Hey, do you have anything against my tacky cute stuff ??? LOL... :lol: Just kidding...try posting some stuff on entertainment, the gallery, or in the marketplace...lots of hits, and lots of sure to wear chain mail...
Here's a few pieces....

Take a look at these...

The first two are of course furniture pieces which are my favorite as they can be subtley worked into a home without being overbearing. The first is a pull for a drawer, and the second a small accent lamp. The third is a great barette that I had to get for a female friend to help tie us together as everyone knows I am all about the cephs.

Give me some feedback as I have tons of these.


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Here are a few more that I really like...

I went ahead and added a few more pics.

The first is another furniture piece which is a brass pull for a drawer.
The second is simply a pendant that has a great feel and very smooth lines.
Finally, the third is a really wierd piece that has an instant reaction from all who see it. It is an earring that has tentacles appear to be reaching through the lobe.


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These are lovely items! Welcome!

You are registered, so you can start threads in any forum to which you have access. Go to the FORUMS button up top, pick your forum - Entertainment would be appropriate for jewelry - I think this will take you to Culture and Entertainment and the Octopus' Den - choose one. Then you will see all the threads in the forum you choose. There is a button on that page to start a new thread.

I think "fantastic" and "awesome" cover this !!! In the middle of buying a new house (bigger, more room for more tanks and snakes and pt boats) and will have to contact you (ie:buy you a bunch of drinks at tonmocon and bend your ear) about door pulls !!!
Wonderful stuff !!!!!
I think that is some good advice and I will move this to one of the entertainment sections...

In the meantime give me some feedback on these as well.

The first is a cool cabinet I found.
The second is the best yest. It is a compass the size of a dime, with an octopus coiling about it. It was an antique that was to be sewn on in place of a button or something!
The third is simply a ring, but very emotive.

Once I find a new home for the thread under Entertainment, I'll post telling everuone exactly where it is.


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Thread now under Entertainment & Culture...


I have restarted the thread under the Entertainment & Culture forum. The first couple of pieces will be the same that you have seen, but I'll start loading new goodies soon.

Also, if this is really needed, I can start listing who sells some of these items.


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