Protein/Tissue Formation vs. Pressure

Dec 24, 2002
Well, its a research oriented question this time:

My physiology instructor wanted to know if there are any studies on the formation of tissues or proteins (or protein structures) in deep water cephs in consideration to the ambient pressures. Does anyone know of such research?

Sushi and Low-Pressure Sake,

I started doing a search, because the topic's fascinating, but ended up getting distracted. :oops:

I saw nothing specifically about cephs, but did see some articles about the effects of high pressure on proteins and various adaptations in other barophilic organisms.
Here are a few links:

This looked interesting, but I wasn't actually able to get access to it :frown: (it's too old). I think you'd have better luck.

Some stuff that's mostly about G proteins.

Here's something about α-actin in deep-sea fishes.

Nitrogenous solutes as protein-stabilizing osmolytes. That has 'major motion picture' written all over it.

Paul Yancey's site.

Slightly off-topic stuff about phospholipid fatty acids of pressure-loving bacteria. Gotta keep those membranes sufficiently fluid, man. The references might be of some value.

I'll post links to anything else that I might dredge up. :smile:
Sounds like an interesting topic for a thesis (though way over my head)! I have a book in the office (a recent release, quite substantial piece of work) on the nutritional something-or-other/calorific something-or-other of squid flesh. Not sure if it is quite what you're looking for, but I'll get the citation to it online as soon as I get in (am away ... just awoke ... sleep in); you can write to the distributor (I'll provide details). I'm sure they'll send a free copy (as they did me), if they still have them sitting in boxes in storage.
OK John, here's a couple of refs that might be of interest to you:

Nutritional and Functional Properties of Squid and Cuttlefish (English translation, 2000). 35th Anniversary Commemorative Publication, National Cooperative Association of Squid Processors. 223 pages. Eds Masayo Okuzumi, Tateo Fujii.

Published by: National Cooperative Association of Squid Processors
Shimada Building. 3-47-8, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
Contact email: [email protected]
Tel: 81-3-3834-3731
Fax: 81-3-3834-3735

Try contacting them at the aforementioned email address, citing the publication details, your student status, and you may well find yourself with a VERY informative (and free) book on squid flesh characteristics! This is not a general reading book, so would not appeal to the greatest majority of Tonmo subscribers (as in please don't flood them with requests until John has his copy).

The second book/volume that might be of some help, albeit slightly dated, is:

Kreuzer, R. 1984. Cephalopods: handling, processing and products. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 254: 108pp.

I'd say the former (Japanese) volume would be far more informative than the latter, but both might have information of some interest to you (certainly the former ... because I don't understand a word of it!).

Cheers ears

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