Port Hardy BC Canada Octopus images

Tom Hlavac

Jan 19, 2007
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
I have some photos and video stills of Pacific Giant Octopus captured near Masterman Island, off Port Hardy, BC, Canada posted on my blog www.octopus-diver.com or www.octopusdiver.blogspot.com

The video still images are interesting in that the octopus had been fedding on another, a tentacle of the mostly-consumed one still hanging from the victor's "mouth". The variety of prey species is amazing. The commercial octopus divers in BC have reported to me that these octopus capture birds, finding "feather bags" in den litter.

Analysis of the litter can be slightly misleading especially in areas with strong currents - bouyant litter can be carried away by the water flow.

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