Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Hullo Squidheads,

Formally introducing myself, I am Erich. I'm thrilled that such an international collection of teuthomaniacal like-minded souls have this resource for cephalopod-related enlightenment & edification. I'm in show-business in Hollywood, California but nonetheless possess an overwhelming obsession with cephalopods bordering on religious frenzy that dates from my earliest childhood. Pleased to meet ya!

A warm :welcome: to TONMO. I see 'rock promoter' in your profile (and some other interest - maybe something to do with snakes or feet - it wasn't in the dictionary).

Any chance you've met the man himself, Neil Diamond? He's huge on this site you know (you mustn't listen to this nonsense that some online spout - they're full of hot-air and huff and puff) - in fact he's winging his way down under (New Zealand) next year ... and I've got tickets :madsci: (I used to have a poster of him on my wall .... but that's another long and sad story altogether; it's floating around somewhere in the US I think)

It's very dangerous to use your real name you know .... Care to explain?
Hello Erich,

Welcome to TONMO. I have two questions for you:

1) Would you agree that La Brea Bagels at Poinsettia and Beverly makes the best bagels in LA?
2) Does Chiropterology have anything to do with some unpleasantness at Yokota AFB in the Sixties?
3) Are you related to Leland?

Of course, any explanation you might offer for the bunny thing would be greatly apprecaited.


Erich: welcome from another new member. show :) you may be
surprised to learn that it is not incongruous with the subject of this board.

perhaps you have heard of my husband: Tako the Octopus Chef Guy.
he has his own cook show which is bigger than Emeril or Martha Starfish.
he's great in the kitchen.. erm.. nm. :shock: :P

Mr. O'Shea: pls send me a ticket to N Diamond via the Dorsal Fin Express. :wink2:

My apologies for not looking more closely at the photo: them's bats, not bunnies (thus explaining the interest in chiropterids).

This isn't some plushy thing, is it?


Nice to feel welcome...

Hullo All,

Yes, Clem, those are indeed bats, not bunnies, although chiropterology is, I think a term I coined last night. In addition to being a chronic cehpalopod enthusiast, I'm also heavily into bat conservation. The masks being modeled in the photo were headdresses I made for dancers to wear at The Bat Show, a benefit show I do to raise awareness and money for the world's struggling bat population. Bat Conservation International and Bat World Sanctuary are the charity recipients and the benefit (tongue-in-cheek but informative) keeps getting bigger. Just signed next years' contract with a great venue on Hollywood Boulevard. In the meantime I'll be doing "Squishmas: The Mighty Cthulhu Old-Time Revival Show." Sort of a cross between a deep-fried Southern religious revival show and the horrors of H.P.Lovecraft. Think Deep Ones wearing gospel choir robes, the laying on of tentacles, speaking in beaks (should that be radulas?), etc. :cyclops:

Specifically to Steve O'Shea - I've never gotten to meet Neil Diamond, although about fifteen years ago I worked out of the same mailroom as his son Jesse over at a big talent agency. Nice kid. I do know the Neilists, a punk band that only perform Neil Diamond songs, and have been known to butcher his great body of work myself during late-night karaoke sessions. Wherever he is, I just hope he doesn't mind. :wink2:

To see the Glamour Bats in their species-specific costumes, check out the photo gallery at We'll be adding more soon. I've also notified my friend Dave about this site, so you might be hearing from him in the near future. He's a fellow squidhead and leader of one of Southern California's great surf bands, the Insect Surfers.

Re: Nice to feel welcome...

erich orser said:
I'm also heavily into bat conservation.

I know the forum is titled 'marine conservation', but please, feel free to post away about bat conservation issues therein. I'm no bat expert, but conservation is conservation, terrestrial or marine, and any conservationist gets my vote (being heavily involved with both myself).

Double :welcome: to TONMO, and real pleased to have you here (even if you have bast***ised a Neil song in your time).
Steve O'Shea said:
atticus_finch said:
Mr. O'Shea: pls send me a ticket to N Diamond via the Dorsal Fin Express. :wink2:

:shock: Stop press!!! Have I found a kindred soul online?? :shock:

indeed, sir. Neil and i revised lyrics
to one of his hits in your honour :wink2:

by Neil Diamond and Atticeph Finch

Song Sung Ceph
Everybody knows one
Song Sung Ceph
Everybody grows one

Me and you are subject to an arm now and then
But when you take those arms, and make a song
You get a squeeze again.. You get choked again..

Song Sung Ceph
Spitting like a cephhead
Song sung ceph
Squeezes til you are dead

Funny thing.. But they can squeeze
Until they drown out your voice...
Before you know it tentacles start to suck
You simply got no choice... Got no choice

Song Sung Ceph
Everybody knows one
Song Sung Ceph
Everybody grows one

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