Playing with Ollie


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Here's a recent pic (not a really good one, but the only one I have for now) of me playing with Ollie. He likes for me to rub his mantle under his eyes. I grab his arms and wiggle them, and he suckers onto me. We play all sorts of games like this.


WOW!!! He's huge!!! I never got the nerve to let Ink touch me. Maybe I will try with Lil Pumpkin!!

That's a great shot!!! The size of him compared to your hand is amazing!!

Thats a cool shot Nancy, he is lookin a good healthy size, an speakin of healthy I think your interaction with him is really cool.

You have obviously developed a trust since he was very young.

Does he come up out of the tank, like onto the edge, hangin out the water ever? im thinkin of when you feed him more so.

My tank has took a slow down due to funds and me partyin a little too hard!! Still i amanged to do 90% of the plumbing (all hard) over the weekend!! mostly whilst drunk!! an hey it all fits perfectly!!! whhooo hhooo

just cant believe how much pipe fittings etc cost!!! got to do the last percentage an then i can permenantly bond it all.

Bring on more Ollie action shots!!!!
Hi all,

Glad you liked the Ollie action shot.

Carol, I think you should let Lil' Pumpkin touch you, and you should touch him. It's a lot of fun! He's probably not ready for it yet. And yes, Ollie has grown quite large, hasn't he?

Scouse, I did spend a long time developing this relationship with Ollie. I sat in front of his tank for many months while he looked at me with liittle, untrusting eyes. It was only after he did climb up on the edge of the tank and came out to see us, to feel around and satisfy his curiosity, that he became really friendly. It may have taken a long time because Olllie came before the tank raised octis were available - he was wild caught and already quite an accomplished little hunter for his 3".

So I'm happy with the way things have gone with Ollie.

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